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Noisetracker by Mahoney discovered!
At this time, I had 2 PC's and one Amiga 500 with extra mem installed. I got a disk with Noisetracker on it from an older friend of the family, and I was immediately interested about music made with computers. However, I didn't understand shit about anything in the program, so naturally I phoned Mahoney up. It's not like I knew him or anything, I hadn't spoken to him at all before this, so basically I suppose it was like some random kid calling him, asking a load of questions about how to use the program. Now, the thing is that he actually did take the time. He explained how the pattern setup worked, that there are patterns and in what order they were going to be played, and how the pattern matrix worked, inserting notes with different instruments. Nothing more than that, just how the basic worked with patterns and notes, no effects or anything. The rest, I figured out myself. Obviously the sounds coming out of the speakers was NOT something anyone would enjoy. At all. The oldest filesI have been able to track down, are 2 modules that I made back in 1993. I also used Startrekker and Exolon/Fairlight's 8-channel tracker.

Bulletin Board Systems!
By this time, I had my own BBS called Devotion, which was devoted to the demoscene entirely. It consisted only of modules however, no demos, diskmags, graphics etc. I got friends who was also involved with the demoscene; Leach, Sauna, Fish, DefDac and Capricorn. This was the year that I attended my first demoparty called European Computer Conference, and it was held in Örebro, Sweden by the demogroup called Virtual. There's an old video of me (at 0:22 -> 0:25 in the video) sitting infront of my old Amiga 500 and some form of tracker - I don't even remember which one it was. I suppose it was one of the Noisetrackers. During the summer of 1993 i started using FastTracker 1 for PC, and from this point on stopped using the Amiga entirely.

Started using FastTracker II!
Now we're talking! With FT2 entering the scene, my life changed completely. 32 channels? Oh my god! My music changed a LOT during this year, from being TOTAL crap, to being just somewhat crappy. Also, this is the year when I changed my nick to hyperunknown. In June 1994 I changed my nick to Superunknown (ofcourse inspired of Soundgarden's record), which I had for about 1.5 hour until a friend of mine suggested it should be 'hyper' instead of 'Super' (and without the first h being capitalized), because I've always been hyperactive in several ways. By this year I had made some new friends; Killerwolf, Goolum & Tager. I also went to The Party 4 in Denmark. This year I also went to the Easter94 party in Borlänge. This is where I met Dasse for the first time. I remember he was driving around his friend Zacharias in a shopping cart, wearing a white bicycle helmet. There was a lot of 'Anal Intruders' songs played at full volume. I rest my case :P

This is the year I met Vain & Lizardking.
I have no idea HOW we met, but nevertheless we started making music together IRL. I remember back in 1993 I had heard some of his songs, so obviously he was one of the people I looked up to. We both moved - LITERALLY over night - to Lidingö, Stockholm, where we shared studio with some other people (Robin/David of Antiloop, and a couple of other guys). Somewhat late, this is also the year where I was first introduced to the Roland TB-303. During the fall of 1995, Vain invited me to stay at his place for the weekend and make music with his stuff, and he also invited Lizardking over, so you can pretty much imagine this being THE best weekend for years. I think we made 4 co-op tracks all 3 of us, but it seems I only have one of them left. I also attended The Party 5 in Denmark. I remember Zodiak/Cascada on the way home, we had robbed some childrens-corner in one of the restaurants of all it's colored light balls that you can throw around. We actually took all of them. On the bus. On the second floor of the bus ...... And when he came up there, we all buried him in a wall of flying, erm, balls. I also remember us all being REALLY hungry, so we decided to go for hot-dogs (still in Denmark). Goolum was first in line, and when he got it, it was freaking GREY inside. Needless to say, we all lost our appetite :P. This year, I changed the name of my BBS from "Devotion" to "Music Illusions". I also got it up and running with 2 nodes. I kept switching between PCExpress and Remote Access all the time ><

Birdie Galore!
I actually went to both Birdie parties that was held this year. I went there together with Vain, and met some new people also: Flare, Idle & Zalt. I started hanging around in #scene.se on IRCnet, where I made a lot of new friends, some of which are Illmidus, Pluto, Nitzer, sylt, A_Lee_N, L-Vis, QUiZ, Erektor (Erek), Hyperextorsion, Zaq, Mir, Pr0f, Carebear and Sm0key (Lunardog).

Not much happened this year, released a total of 23 tracks. There were also a couple of IRC-competitions that I attended. I joined the scene-group BEAM. My friend CK Death of Error Art died.

Not much happened this year either, started using Rebirth RB-338 together with FT2 for a little bit. Went to the demoparty called Hype'98, and attended the 4-chan .MOD competition.. and actually won it! I released 18 tracks this year, most of them being not too crappy.

Made music as usual, released a whoppy 8 tracks this year! I remember "Go with the Baseline", "Starscape", Emergency Inbound" and "Evolution" being not that bad actually.

Went to the demoparty called Hype again. Attended the "use your mouth only"-music competition and did it live together with Dj Eckan, and using my Korg Kaoss Pad. It was really really weird stuff coming out of the speakers, that's for sure. The track ended up being named "Kaosspad rockar tro det eller ej".

Went to Dreamhack. Even back in 2002, it was filled with 15-year old counterstrike-kids crying epic tears and smashing their keyboard when they died. Needless to say, I never went back to DH any other year.

I attended the Optihack party and won the music competition with the track "One Conciousness" made with FT2. I also got my laptop signed with Peaches Autographs. I remember Basshunter was there running a live dj-set. Noone was interested, and in the end people booed him out. And then, peaches entered and there was *A LOT* of people dancing and singing to their tracks. It was some hilarious moments right there! The word "humiliation" comes to mind. ;D

Started using Cubase.

..Cubase FUCKING SUCKS! .. And I started using Renoise instead! Woopdidoo :D .. Renoise is a piece of software that has absolutely *EVERYTHING* that I need. It's just completely BRILLIANT.

Went to the demoparty Birdie again. At this point I had neglected the scene, and all demoparties for like 10 years. It was time to get back in the game! I aced the 3-min fast-tracking competition, and generally had a GREAT time. I ended up 3:rd place in the tracked music competition. I met a lot of new people here, all of which have my thanks for making the party as good as it is, with everything that it is: Retro (the one and only), Wiklund, Malmen, fsFreak, FastboM and dunz0r. You all rock.

Went to Birdie again. You know when you think something is as good as it can get? That was apparently not the case, because this years Birdie was even better! I had an amazing 4 days of which I will never forget. Basically 4 days of laughing, drinking coca cola, tracking music and walking around talking to people. I ended up 4:th in the Streaming Music competition, 3:rd in the 3-hour Fast Music Competition, 3:rd in the Tracked Music Competition and completely aced the 3-minute Fast Tracking Competition in which I won. Don't ask me how though, Malmen's entry was WAY better, real oldschool music, typical of the amiga-era! 1 month after attending Birdie, I got invited to Edison by Wiklund. This is a PURE scene party, I didn't see ONE person playing ANY game for 3 straight days, and it was ACE. However, all of the really elite people were there (Danko, Firefox, Wiklund, Zalza, Malmen, Radix, Dolphin), so you can pretty much imagine how hard it was :P .. Sitting opposite to me, was Xenoduck. He's tracking without sound. Beat that, suckers!

February: It was time for me to go to Datastorm in Gothenburg, I was invited by Wiklund the almighty. I met a lot of old friends there; Wiklund obviously, Joule, Illmidus (ILLM) , pr0f (BOB) and Maktone. I also got to get a picture together with my childhood idol Mahoney (image in the link there). I totally need to learn goattracker so I can start making those C64 chips properly instead of having to resort to Protracker on Amiga. That's the plan anyway, so hopefully I'll have one for the compo at Edison 2013. Here's a video with a few clips from Datastorm2013, on YouTube.

May: It was time for Birdie again. Ended up 2:nd in the 4-channel tracking competition, 2:nd place in the multichannel tracking competition, 2:nd place in the 1-hour timed remix competition, and 1:st in the streaming music competition - not so bad :D

June: Went to Edison 2013 together with Zelest. Also met up with other friends there (Flare, Malmen, retro, Maktone). Didn't go so well in the music competitions, but both entries (one coop with retro & Malmen) turned out really good!

Spent most of the time working on music for an upcoming Steam-game called The Forgettable Dungeon.

Went to Gerp 2019 together with Dasse and Sabiinah. It was 25 years ago since I last saw Dasse! Had a great time, meeting a lot of old and new friends :D
I also got invited to make a track for the Chiperia Project musicdisk - took me by total surprise right out of the blue :D